Summer-Here we come!

With graduation behind us, and our Pre-K students prepared for Kindergarten, we are ready to enjoy our summer.  We welcome our school aged children back for the summer.  We miss you during the fall and winter months and are happy to see you all.

Please be sure to note that we are celebrating our dads this Friday with a special breakfast. If you are a dad or a “stand in” dad, please sign the participation sheet in the office and enjoy a hearty breakfast with your child.  Breakfast will be served anytime between 6:00 and 8:30.

We have obtained the occupancy permit for our new addition, and are waiting for the licencing inspector from the DHS to give us the OK to move into our new space.  This will probably take most of the summer, as we will be giving the rooms in the original wing, a “going over”.  We will be applying new paint, flooring and some sprucing up will make all the rooms seem like new.  We thank you for your patience during this time.

Our bus is ready for some exciting field trips.  We will let you know when we plan them, so that you can give permission for you child to participate.  As always, we welcome any parents who would like to attend these trips as well.

You may see some new faces as some of our summer staff are back.  We have also hired a few new summer staff as well.  Please introduce yourself if you don’t know someone.  They will be happy to tell you about themselves.