Faith in Action

(A Sermon Series in 13 parts covering James 2-5; Series was preached from July 26th-October18th, 2009) Faith without works is dead.  The warning that James brings to the first century church rings across the centuries.  The Christian faith is a living faith, not a theoretical enterprise.  We live discipleship to Jesus, we don’t just sing […]

Exposing gods of wood

(A sermon series in 12 parts; Series was preached from April 19th-July 5th, 2009) It has been some time since folks have bowed down to worship a handmade idol, calling it their “god.”  We snicker at the very thought of it!  But gods are among us, and they are worshipped every day.  In fact, even […]

Preparing Our Hearts

(A sermon series in 8 parts covering the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20; series was preached from Feb. 8th-March 29th, 2009) Most people think of the Ten Commandments only whenever they are mentioned on the news (a court fight over a courthouse monument somewhere), or when they see Charlton Heston on TV once a year […]

True Religion

(A sermon series in 3 parts covering James 1:19-27; series was preached from Jan. 18th-Feb. 1st, 2009) Religion is a dirty word for a lot of folks. Indeed, in some cases justifiably so.  Ghandi once famously said, “I like your Christ.  I do not like your Christians.  Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”  Would […]

Responding to God’s Good Gift

(A sermon series in 3 parts on the importance of stewardship as a grateful response; series was preached from Dec. 28th, 2008-Jan. 11th, 2009) The Christian life is not one of burden, but one of privileged blessing.  So often this is seemingly forgotten and the privileges are treated as burdens!  This is clearly the case […]