Exodus: Out of Egypt

The Book of Exodus is far more than fodder for Hollywood Motion Pictures (though it has clearly been that – from Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner to today’s Christian Bale version).  It is the pivotal Old Testament narrative of God’s gracious redemption of his people from bondage.  As such, it powerfully foreshadows the much greater […]

None Greater

The Book of Hebrews is a multi-faceted jewel looking at the glory and majesty of Christ and his work from many different angles. And from every angle it is clear: Christ is superior! There is none greater! Greater than the angels, greater than Moses, than Joshua, than the Tabernacle, the priesthood, and all else. And […]

Advent Sermon Series

View the first sermon here.   What makes a good gift?  There are many ingredients in a good gift – forethought, an understanding of what is needed, giving a gift that costs something, etc.  How do we evaluate God’s gift to us in Jesus Christ?  During Advent we look carefully at God’s gift of his Son […]

Ezekiel: The Glory of God through the Son of Man

View the first sermon here. Ask a hundred people what their favorite book of the Bible is and I bet not one says Ezekiel. It is a weird book (I mean…a really weird book). It is apocalyptic literature – full of symbols, visions, and images. He is prophesying during an obscure and complicated period of […]

Disciple: In the Footsteps of Jesus

Too often we settle for a weak, tepid, vanilla version of Christianity. Many Christians are content to allow the truths of the faith to rest at surface level. Too many of us are complacent in our faith. But we’re not called to half-hearted obedience. We’re called to Christ-likeness; we’re called to maturity. We’re called to […]