Unwrapping God’s Gift: What We Got For Christmas

Ask any kid what their favorite thing about Christmas is and you’ll get the same answer: “Presents!” And this is as it should be. Christmas is about gifts. It is about how a benevolent God has fixed his love upon his people and given them good gifts by giving the ultimate gift: his one and […]

Malachi – God’s Messenger Preparing the Way

Beginning September 11th, 2011: Malachi – God’s Messenger Preparing the Way. The New Testament begins with God’s messenger, John the Baptist, preparing the way for the coming of the Lord. His message is a call to repentance, a call to a new life lived differently in light of the coming of “The Lamb of God […]

An Apocalyptic Advent

Presumably you are familiar with the Christmas story: Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds, and (of course!) the baby Jesus.  This Advent we will prepare for the celebration of the good news of Christ’s birth from a slightly different angle from those we most often expect.  A little noticed Christmas text in Revelation 12.  We’re talking seven […]

Good News on the Roman Road Sermon Series

The Book of Romans is perhaps the most important of the New Testament epistles.  While every book in the Bible is God’s Word and is of equal value as God’s Word, no other book has had a wider impact on the thought and understanding of Christians of what Jesus atoning work means and how it […]

Songs of the Heart Sermon Series

(A Sermon Series covering the Book of Psalms; Series was preached from October 25th, 2009 – January 24th, 2010) For a Christian, as for all people, life is full of joys and sorrows. We experience mountain top exaltation and we tread through the muck of grief, despair, and pain. God knows the vast gamut of […]