New Sunday Worship Service Schedule

We are pleased to join with you in thanksgiving for God’s blessing on our church by adding to our numbers – those who are being saved, those returning to the faith, those the Lord has led to be part of what the Spirit is doing here. This has created many good problems. It has made […]

When God’s People Pray

Have you been thinking… “There’s got to be more”? More to faith than you’ve been experiencing. More to the reality of the Holy Spirit than what you are seeing. More to the life-changing power of the gospel than you have ever known. Join Jim Cymbala, author of Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, in a powerful new […]

ROCK Sunday

This festival is celebrating our new Sunday school program from toddlers to adults! Currently Sunday school starts at 8:45 am but will soon be moved back! I can hear the cheers everywhere!!! During 10am service, achievements will be awarded. A festival will follow the service. Please bring a side dish to share. Mt. Pleasant is […]

Haiti Earthquake – Mt. Pleasant Responds

Many in our congregation have indicated a sense that we as a church need to do something to respond to the suffering that has followed the earthquake in Haiti.  While many individuals have given in various ways, we feel that it is appropriate to respond corporately as a congregation.  We are collecting a special offering […]

I Have Good News

Faith is Private.  That stuff is personal.  If it works for you great. Our culture often tells us that our faith is nobody’s business but our own; that sharing faith is mean-spirited, intolerant, and judgmental.  It’s not.   It is the most loving thing that one can do and it is an opportunity to share tremendously […]