Kerux Christou, aka Herb's Blurbs

Kerux Christou is a phrase from New Testament Greek meaning “herald of Christ,” i.e., a preacher.

Prayers God Answers: Prayers Prayed According to the Will of God

We’ve been considering the necessary ingredients for prayers God answers.  We considered in our last post the essential ingredient of relationship: God answers the prayers of his children.  We turn now to a second essential ingredient: Praying according to the will of God. Let’s begin with Jesus (you can always do worse than begin with […]

Prayers God Answers: The Prayers of His Children

In our last post we took up the difficult problem of Unanswered Prayer.  Why didn’t God answer my prayer?  We began first to look at some essential ingredients to the kinds of prayers God answers.  One of those essential ingredients is that God answers the prayers of his children. Most people would assume, “That’s no […]

Anybody There? The Problem of Unanswered Prayer

One of the biggest challenges to the faith of the average disciple is unanswered prayer.   Why didn’t God answer my prayer?  Why didn’t God heal my loved one who was suffering from cancer?  Why didn’t God help my addicted child in the manner I asked him?  Why am I still jobless (or single, or childless, […]

Breadcrumbs to Follow: Interpreting Historical Narrative

The non-Disneyized versions of Grimm’s Fairy Tales are pretty grim indeed.  Cinderella’s stepsisters?  They actually cut off digits in an effort to make that slipper fit.  “Hey, that glass slipper is full of blood!  You’re not she!”  Worth a shot, I guess.  Snow White?  Remember at the end when the wicked queen is forced to […]

Local vs. International Missions

Some choices represent mutually exclusive options – I can either feast or fast, but I can’t do both simultaneously.  I can move to Florida, or I can move to Bangladesh, but I can’t do both (at least not in the same time and dimension).   Other choices are not of this variety, however.  Most, in fact, […]