Kerux Christou, aka Herb's Blurbs

Kerux Christou is a phrase from New Testament Greek meaning “herald of Christ,” i.e., a preacher.

God Our Rock 1, 2 Samuel; Psalms

“Why, O God?” and “For how long?” are questions that David must have (and if you read the Psalms very much you will see that he did) ask often.  “Why do my enemies constantly persecute me?  What wrong have I done?”  David, the man after God’s own heart, the young man who had been anointed […]

On Being A Barabbas, Matthew 27:11-26

One of the amazing aspects of the Easter story is the sudden and violent turn of the people of Jerusalem on Jesus.  This man they had known as an admired teacher, worker of wonders, and miraculous healer was suddenly rejected.  Those who had placed palm branches on the ground a week earlier were suddenly screaming […]

Church or Club?

“If our church were to disappear tomorrow, would anybody miss it, and if so, who?” That is a great question. I ran across it recently in a book about church leadership, Managing the Congregation. The author relates the following story: Terry Fullam was ready to be questioned during his first interview as a potential candidate […]