Kerux Christou, aka Herb's Blurbs

Kerux Christou is a phrase from New Testament Greek meaning “herald of Christ,” i.e., a preacher.

The Romans Road

How comfortable are you in your ability to articulate the gospel?  Would you know what the most important things are to share with a friend who needs to know Jesus?  The Romans Road is a great way to hit the most important things in a clear and simple way: First stop: There is no difference, […]

I’ve Got Good News

“I’ve got good news….”  Those words are usually the start of the sentence: “I’ve got good news and bad news; which do you want to hear first?”  Usually when asked that question, I’ll take the bad news first.  I prefer to get it out of the way.  And the bad news for us spiritually is: […]

Spiritual Pandemiportunities

I just made up a word.  Pandemiportunity.  I doubt it will catch on.  But somebody came up with “brunch” and “hangry.”  So…who knows? What is a pandemiportunity?  It is an opportunity provided by the experience of the pandemic we’ve endured over the last sixteen months. It was a hard and disastrous year in many ways.  […]

Thanksgiving and Grief

Humans are complicated beings.  Sometimes joy and sorrow mutually co-exist. About a year ago, on Nov 26th, 2019, news ran of the release of three men who had spent thirty-six years in jail.  The three men – Alfred Chestnut, Andrew Stewart, and Ransom Watkins had been (wrongly) accused at age sixteen of the murder (and […]

Worship at Home!

The advent of coronavirus has brought a series of wrinkles to our Lent.  We are experiencing an unprecedented level of disruption to our daily lives with this pandemic.  It has affected workplaces, schools, and our worship life as well. Two Sundays ago we radically modified our worship service, cutting programs to reduce person to person […]