VBS 2021: July 26-30, 6pm to 8:15pm

Rocky Railway MP(EPC) VBS 2021: Jesus’ Power Pulls Us Through Departure Dates: July 26-20, 2021 Boarding Time: 6pm to 8:15pm Station Location: Mt. Pleasant EPC Church, 846 State Route 18, Raccoon Township, PA 15001 After a rocky year full of twists, turns, and derailments, we are back on track for VBS 2021: Rocky Railway! Loading…

Prayers for the Other Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church

Some confusion ensued today (Monday, May 24, 2021) when news was broadcast that Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church in Beaver County had suddenly and catastrophically burned to the ground.  The reports were true, and though that is our name, it was not our church.  There are two Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Churches in Beaver County – ours […]

The End of the World as we Know It

A sermon series There are times when it seems that the foundations of the earth of moved.  There is no terra firma; all is adrift.  Our civilization feels like it has slipped its moorings; there is no certainty about the future.  No financial security, no clarity about how it will all end.  Chaos, anarchy, statism, […]

Down the Path on The Way of Discipleship

When you are a kid in a Sunday school class, there are certain things you learn.  Maybe you once sat on a little kid chair in a dingy church basement and stared at a flannelgraph. I did.  I can still almost smell the mold and bask in the warm, moist asbestos-laden environment.  One of the […]


You’ve discovered a great church. I don’t just say that because I’m the pastor (though, admittedly, I am biased). I say it because it is true. There are many things that make our church great. We have great programs, especially for kids. We have great opportunities for Christian education and formation. We are mission minded […]