Good News, Bad News

Beginning Down the Path of Discipleship In our last post, we began down the path of discipleship.  Every path has a beginning.  We are going to begin down the path of discipleship at the beginning.  And following Jesus begins with the Good News, the gospel. Good News, Bad News.  Has anyone ever asked you…do you […]

Temporary Administrative Staff Needed ASAP

Until our administrative staff position is filled, someone is needed to start, as soon as possible, who can help out in the church office for a few hours a week.  This can be on either a paid or voluntary basis.  If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Pastor Rich or the […]

Church Employment Opportunities

Mt. Pleasant is looking for a qualified individual to join our administrative staff.  This is an hourly paid position requiring 20 hours per week.  We also need a nursery worker that is 18 years of age or older and is able to get childcare clearances.  This is an hourly paid position to staff the nursery […]

Down the Path on The Way of Discipleship

When you are a kid in a Sunday school class, there are certain things you learn.  Maybe you once sat on a little kid chair in a dingy church basement and stared at a flannelgraph. I did.  I can still almost smell the mold and bask in the warm, moist asbestos-laden environment.  One of the […]

Rock Sunday – September 8

This Sunday, September 8, is our annual Rock Sunday event when we honor and recognize our Sunday School teachers and attendees.  There will be no Sunday School from 9 am to 10 am, but come and join us in the Fellowship Hall for a short program and refreshments.