Prayers for the Other Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church

Some confusion ensued today (Monday, May 24, 2021) when news was broadcast that Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church in Beaver County had suddenly and catastrophically burned to the ground.  The reports were true, and though that is our name, it was not our church.  There are two Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Churches in Beaver County – ours […]

In the Wilderness, A Sermon Series on the Book of Numbers 

In the Wilderness.  We call the book “Numbers.”  It is that – there are lots of numbers in Numbers.  That title tells remarkably little about the content and meaning of the book.  The Hebrew Bible names the books after the opening phrases – Genesis is known as “In the beginning.”  The Hebrew bible name for […]

Thanksgiving and Grief

Humans are complicated beings.  Sometimes joy and sorrow mutually co-exist. About a year ago, on Nov 26th, 2019, news ran of the release of three men who had spent thirty-six years in jail.  The three men – Alfred Chestnut, Andrew Stewart, and Ransom Watkins had been (wrongly) accused at age sixteen of the murder (and […]

Common Glory, A Sermon Series on 2 Corinthians

In 1992 a farmer named Peter Whatling lost his hammer.  What could be more ordinary and disinteresting than a farmer searching the dirt for his lost hammer?  Yet in that dirt Whatling discovered a lost treasure – gold jewelry, silvers spoons, 1500 year old coins – the Hoxne Hoard.  In an ordinary field was an […]

The End of the World as we Know It

A sermon series There are times when it seems that the foundations of the earth of moved.  There is no terra firma; all is adrift.  Our civilization feels like it has slipped its moorings; there is no certainty about the future.  No financial security, no clarity about how it will all end.  Chaos, anarchy, statism, […]