• New Adult SS Series Starts Feb 4

    Class will begin on Sunday, February 4.  The teaching series, “Chosen By God” will cover God’s Divine Plan for His church from the Book of Ephesians, and will be led by Mark … more

    New Adult SS Series Starts Feb 4
  • The Coming of the King

    The Coming of the King, A sermon series on the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew presents the narrative of the life of Jesus Christ, the Messiah: the Son of David, the King of … more

    The Coming of the King
  • Hasten The Day

    We have been tremendously blessed by God at Mt. Pleasant! Great people, wonderful godly leaders, dedicated staff and ministry volunteers. We have seen the blessing of God in … more

    Hasten The Day
  • Welcome

    You've discovered a great church. I don't just say that because I'm the pastor (though, admittedly, I am biased). I say it because it is true. There are many things that make … more